Breast Implants In Los Angeles

breast augmentation in los angelesBreast Implants in Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy is a world renowned breast augmentation surgeon. Experience makes a big difference when it comes to your breast enlargement surgery. In Los Angeles there are many choices for breast implant surgery, but few with the reputation, experience and personal attention of Dr. Lesavoy.

Over thirty years of experience, head of the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, California and countless TV, newspaper and magazine appearances tell you that you are in good hands. Dr. Lesavoy’s gentle manner, friendly, comforting and reassuring approach gives you the reassurance you need when selecting breast implants in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Lesavoy performs breast augmentation with both saline and silicon breast implants. The choice has to be made on an individual patient basis and Dr. Lesavoy provides the expert advice to help patients make the best decision. Most patients are looking for guidance when selecting their breast implants size and placement. The size of the breast implants has to fit the patient desired look as well as body type, shape and lifestyle.

There are many reasons a women may seek breast implants in Los Angeles including:

  • feeling that her breast is too small and seeking an enhanced body contour
  • a change in breast volume which occurs naturally as she ages or after pregnancy
  • breasts that are uneven, seeking balance
  • correction of a congenital deformity
  • reconstruction after breast surgery

Below please find some of the best breast implant surgery before and after pictures performed by Dr. Lesavoy.

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