Ear Surgery

Ear SurgeryEach case of ear surgery is unique, as is the delicate and highly individual anatomy of the ear.  Through an analysis of the ear axis and positioning on the ahead, the ear size and angle of protrusion, Dr. Lesavoy will tailor a technique to precisely correct the exact features that are disproportionate or deformed.

The repositioning of protruding ears is the most common form of ear surgery.  It’s widely performed and has a good history of safety and fulfilling patient goals.  Even when only one ear appears to protrude, the surgery may be performed on both of the ears to achieve a more balanced result. As all of our faces are asymmetric to some degree, results of ear surgery may not be completely symmetric, though the goal is to create an ear as normal in structure and balanced in proportion to other facial features as possible.

Surgery for constricted ear and other deformities may use similar techniques as those for correction for protruding ears,as well as other methods.  These more complex techniques often utilize conchal cartilage as a graft to support and shape the restructured ear.  A secondary procedure may be necessary to obtain optimal results.  An individualized plan is always required in order to define goals and achieve desired results.

Treatment of microtia will involve an individualized surgical plan that could possibly require multiple procedures to achieve the desired results.  The goal is to create a normal appearing external ear, but ear reconstruction may be combined with other surgery to improve hearing.  Where cartilage is badly misshapen or there is too little to create a more normal ear, reconstruction may require cartilage grafts.  These are typically taken from either the existing ear structure or patient’s ribs.

Ear surgery revision is sometimes requested by adults who are unhappy with a prior surgery.  This may include an unnatural appearance, over-correction and irregularities of the ear folds.  Also common is concern with residual earlobe prominence.

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