Your New Look after Nasal Surgery

Your New Look after Nasal SurgeryFollowing nasal plastic surgery, in the first few days when your face is bruised and swollen, it’s easy to forget that you will be looking better. In fact, some patients feel depressed for a while after plastic surgery – it’s quite normal and understandable.

This stage will soon pass. As the days go by, your nose will begin to look better and your spirits will improve. Within a week or two, you won’t look as if you’ve just had surgery.

However, it’s important to remember that healing is a slow and gradual process. You may have subtle swelling for months, especially in the tip. The final results of rhinoplasty may not be apparent for a year or more.

After surgery, this patient has a smaller nose, a straighter bridge, a well defined nasal tip, and an improved angle between the nose and upper lip.

You might experience some unexpected reactions from family and friends while you are healing. They may say they don’t see a major difference in your nose. Or they may act resentful, particularly if you’ve changed something they view as a family or ethnic trait. Keep in mind why you decided to have this surgery – if you’ve met your goals, then your nasal cosmetic surgery is a success.

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