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Breast Augmentation: All you need to know about this

Gone are the days when you had to sit and envy those who were born with a gorgeous body. Now techniques for Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles have become better, more affordable and easy to come by.Read More

Learn to pick the right professional

The world is become increasing interested in Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery. Indeed, this is one of the preferred ways to get the face and body that you have always dreamt of. Read More

Helpful facts to guide your decision

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed on the nose. It is also known as a “nose job”. Its purpose is to change the shape and structure of the little facial appendage.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about them

It is not uncommon today for ladies to opt for Beverly hills breast augmentation. This procedure has now obtained FDA approval and if a good doctor performs the surgery, then chances of any problems or side effects are almost nonexistent. Read More

Plastic Surgeon: Sculpting perfection

The world is come to be increasingly interested in Los Angeles Plastic Surgery. The caprice of nature, or the cruelty of time, or even worse, the ill-effects of mishap or falling short of health and wellness could take their toll on one’s appeal.

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Tips to pick out the right doctor

You do not have to live with a less than perfect body. There are many ways to do away with the problems and get the appearance you have always desired.

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A Technique for Correcting Witch’s Chin Deformity

The Witch’s Chin deformity consists of a pto­ sis of the premental soft tissues, a prominent submental crease, and, often, a loss of bon y projection.

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Axillary Breast Tissue: Clinical Presentation and Surgical Treatment

Aberrant breast tissue is usually present along the milk line above or below the normal breast location. Occasionally, it is found in unusual locations, such as the axilla, scapula, thigh, and labia majora.

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Control of connective tissue metabolism by lasers: Recent developments and future prospects

Various laser modalities are currently in extensive use in dermatology and plastic surgery, particularly for treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.A relatively new area of laser utilization involves the possible biologic effects of the lasers.

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Entrapment of the Palmar Cutaneous Branch of the Median Nerve by a Normal Palmaris Longus Tendon

An anomalous course of the palmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve was noted in a patient with symptoms of compres­ sion of the median nerve and its palmar cutaneous branch at the wrist level. The palmar cutaneous branch of the nerve pierced the tendon of a normal palmaris longus muscle near its insertion.

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