Before we begin…

Following are a few examples of preoperative and postoperative aesthetic cases. These cases have been chosen to show average results. Please be aware that every person is different in the way he or she heals, has different bone, cartilage and skin structure, is different in age and has different desires and expected outcomes.

No photograph can depict the true three dimensional aspect of the result or show every angle. In the Gallery “After” pictures the scars depicted are after approximately six to eight weeks. Ususally scars become less noticeable after six to twenty-four months and vary with each individual. Scars are also placed in areas of the body that can be covered with bathing suits or in the arm pit as in breast augmentation.

All cases have been operated upon and managed by Dr. Lesavoy himself.

No example can or should be construed as an implied guarantee or promise of the end result. It is unwise to look at photographs and expect your result to be the same.

Good Health and Best Wishes,

Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy

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